How PhD Is Fully Funded In USA

This is a Question Prospective PhD students in USA ask Frequently. Is PhD fully funded in USA?”. Many PhD programs in USA are fully funded. A few phd program are not fully funded. In this article I will discuss most of those programs that are fully funded in USA.

PhD Application In USA

Phd application deadlines in USA is normally between December and February. The application is always open by April. Almost all the universities in USA require international students to have a TOEFL score of about 90, but this varies between some universities.

About PhD Scholarships In USA

Applicants are advised to submit his or her application early; this buys time for the applicant to apply for scholarship. The cost of phd in the USA is between $28,000 to $40,000 per year. Therefore, the correct answer to “is PhD fully funded in USA” is no; but there are many scholarships and fellowships that are there to help qualified students who apply to them. Some of these scholarships and fellowships will be discussed in this article.

IBM Fellowship Awards Program for PhD Students

IBM PhD Fellowship awards scholarship to honor exceptional Ph.D. students who have an interest in solving problems that are important to IBM and fundamental to innovation in many areas of study. These Fellows can work at internships, and be matched with IBM mentors with common research interest.

Application deadline

October 26

Value of the Scholarship

  • The candidate gets education allowance for year one and a stipend for two academic years.
  • The recipients while in school usually receive a stipend for living expenses, travel, and to attend conferences (US$35,000 for year one and US$35,000 for year two). The recipient will also receive $25,000 for his or her education.

Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant for Doctoral Students

Microsoft knows the value of diversity in computing. The aim of Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant is to increase the pipeline of diverse talent receiving advanced degrees in computing-related fields by providing a research funding opportunity for phd students from groups that are under-represented in computing.

Application deadline

March 30.

Value of the scholarship

The recipient will receive up to 25,000 USD in each academic year to help them complete research as part of their doctoral thesis work.

Facebook Emerging Scholar Programme

The Facebook Emerging Scholar Award is open to first or second year PhD students who are members of a minority group that is under represented in the technology sector. This scholarship is open to candidates at universities in the US and abroad who are admitted during the current academic year. The applicant must be studying computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, system architecture, or a related area.

Application deadline

October 31st.

Value of the program

  • Payment of the fees and tuition for two sessions.
  • Payment of $37,000 annual stipend.

Columbia University International Postdoctoral Humanities Fellowship

With grants from the Andrew W Mellon Foundation and the William R Kenan Trust, the Columbia Society of Fellows in the Humanities will appoint a number of postdoctoral fellows in the humanities. 

Application deadline

October 2nd

Value of the scholarship

The Scholarship award is $63,000 stipend; medical benefits are provided and subsidized housing is available. They also give $7,000 research allowance per year.

PEO International Peace Scholarships for women to Study in USA and Canada

In PEO education is fundamental to world peace and understanding. The PEO International Peace Scholarship Fund is a program of women helping women to reach their goal. They provide scholarships for selected women from other countries, for graduate studying in the United States and Canada.

Application deadline

December 15th

Value of scholarship

The student is awarded maximum amount of $12,500


In conclusion, For PhD to be fully funded in USA depends whether the student is on any scholarship or not. The type of scholarship also matters. Some scholarships cover all the tuition fees while other cover part of the tuition and fees. Students can check the list above and apply in any of those scholarships.

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